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Empower your child's mind and unlock their potential with our dynamic and age-appropriate daycare and learning programs.

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Day Care

Engage your child in a fun and safe learning environment.

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Infant Care

We prioritize your little one's unique needs and development.

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Language Programs

We help enhance your child’s communication skills.

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Prepare your child for advanced level of learning.

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More Programs

Discover how we can further help you and your child.

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Welcome to A Creative Genius Learning Academy

Parents bare the responsibility of making sure their family has a home to live in, that there is food on the table, and that their kids get a bed time story every single night. No one can deny it. Parenting is indeed hard work but it is one of the most fulfilling roles any adult can take. We have nothing but the highest respect for mommies and daddies who are doing everything they can for their precious little ones.

One aspect of parenting is ensuring that your children get the best education there is. As a daycare in Missouri City, Texas, our staff at A Creative Genius Learning Academy is here to help you!

As educators, we dedicate our lives to helping children become academically competent as they hone their physical, mental, emotional and social skills during early childhood. Here, learning is meaningful, memorable and so much fun. Our little learners are kept busy with skill building activities and a lot of opportunities to interact with peers. We teach kids using a holistic approach where we incorporate individualized education and Montessori learning to ensure that every child learns.

We look forward to spending a school year with your little genius. Enroll your child for the next school opening. See you then!

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We Are Committed Who We Are

Our commitment is in providing the youth of our community a place to learn and to make new friends. With our many years as educators, we discovered how valuable those little moments are when your child discovers new capabilities and uncovers talents which can then develop into a core part of who he or she is.

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