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Being Fun and Productive with Afterschool Programs


Does your child spend their afterschool hours alone while you are at work? Enrolling them in an after-school program ensures that they are kept company and that they are being productive while having fun. Our Childcare center offers various afterschool programs to suit your child’s interests.

Here are some benefits to enrolling your child in an afterschool program at a Preschool in Texas:

  • Developing a sense of belonging
    Your child can connect with friends in a setting other than class. They develop a sense of belonging in a group.
  • Provides support in their academics
    Depending on the program you choose, some offer homework assistance to aid your child if they struggle with their homework
  • Makes learning fun
    Unlike class sessions with tests, afterschool programs offer classes about topics such as science or computer where they can work with groups. This is a more fun experience. You can also choose programs your child enjoys such as drama, music, and others.
  • Builds their confidence and develops social skills
    The social interaction in afterschool programs may feel more forgiving than in school. Kids feel more secure about joining a game or starting a conversation. This can lead to higher self-esteem and improved social skills.
  • Provides safety and supervision
    As children are kept busy in afterschool programs, they are less likely to get bored and engage in risky behaviors.

Are you looking for a good afterschool program at a daycare in Missouri City, Texas? Head on over to A Creative Genius Learning Academy. We take joy in helping each child realize their potential.

Our Learning Academy collaborates with parents to nurture the formative years of our students.

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