Benefits of Learning Sign Language

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There is a common misconception that sign language should only be taught to children who are hearing impaired or have speech disorders. However, this has been proven to be untrue. Our Preschool in Texas encourages the learning of sign language for the various benefits it has for your child.

Our Learning Academy offers various language programs including sing language, articulation activities, and others. Here are some benefits to learning sign language at an early age:

  • Children ages 1-2 years old can understand spoken words earlier
  • Studies have proven that children before the age of 3 years old who learned sign language can understand and use spoken language earlier than those who did not learn sign language. They are also able to understand sentence structure earlier

  • Better bonding between parent and child
  • Through sign language, children are also able to communicate their emotions easier and there is a shown decrease in crying and whining in infants.

  • Potential IQ increase
  • Although there isn’t enough research to prove this yet, there is a potential to increase your child’s IQ through learning sign language at a younger age.

Overall, learning sign language is a great way for your child to learn how to communicate, express their emotions, and needs.

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Head on over to A Creative Genius Learning Academy. We focus on helping your child develop critical skills such as communication in their early childhood years.

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