Discover the Benefits of Afterschool Programs

image of the students in a creative writing workshop

As a leading provider of childcare in Missouri City, Texas, we at A Creative Genius Learning Academy offer a range of before and after school care programs for children of all ages. From dance class to creative writing workshops, here’s how our programs can benefit your little genius:

  • It increases engagement while learning
  • Afterschool programs encourage children to engage themselves in class by nurturing their interests as they gain knowledge and improve their skills. As a learning academy, our role is to provide programs that engage students and encourage their participation. This garners an appreciation for learning and leads to better academic performance as they age and transition into primary school.

  • It helps develop positive character traits
  • Choosing a childcare center that provides afterschool programs can help your little genius develop good character traits. In addition to building their skills, they can build positive relationships with their peers and teachers. Doing so teaches them respect and how to communicate well with others.

  • It cultivates creativity and encourages physical activity
  • Enrolling your child in a preschool in Texas with athletic programs will encourage physical activity. This provides an outlet for exercise, which is important for their health. Meanwhile, creative programs will nurture their talents and improve their skills too.

As a preschool that’s Texas school ready, we provide other services like language programs and infant care. To learn more about how we can provide quality education for your little genius, you can reach us at 281-437-2273 or send us an inquiry online.

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