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Speech Therapy Exercises to Try

Speech Therapy Exercises to Try

Speech therapy activities are designed to help your children develop their communication and language skills. Your Preschool in Texas includes these very important learning elements in our curriculum.

Practicing speech can be done in creative ways to engage the child. Here are some ideas you can try:

  • Flashcards
    Flashcards with written words can be designed to focus the child on specific areas. For example, words on the cards can be the ways to produce the sounds of letters of words the child has the most trouble pronouncing. Words can also be built up for difficulty to reflect the child’s progress. The cards can be effectively stored and used as a reviewer moving forward.
  • Mirror exercises
    Seeing how the mouth moves during articulation can help children to “copy” the movements. This helps them create the sounds correctly. Speaking in front of the mirror allows them to visually understand how speaking works.
  • Complete the sentence
    Speaking also includes context and subject. Completing the sentence requires children to think of similar ideas to complete the statement or affirm the context. This tests out their vocabulary and thinking skills.  

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