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Vocabulary Enhancement: Simple Ways to Help Your Kids

Do you want to help your kids improve their vocabulary? Kids go through different learning phases, but there are simple ways you can help them get better at learning and understanding words and phrases. Where to begin? Check out these handy tips below.

  • Make sure to be descriptive.

    Whether at home or in a learning academy, your kids will come across plenty of new words. For example, they heard the word merchant for the first time. You can define it by using adjectives in describing the local merchants in your town.

  • Acting it out may help.

    Using actions to define a word will also help. At a preschool in Texas, the teachers may use pictures to reinforce the word description. At home, you can act it out. Use your arms to define a big belly or jump excitedly when describing the word frolic to your kids.

  • Try sketching or drawing.

    Your kids frequently sketch and draw at a daycare in Missouri City, Texas, so using it to introduce new words is not a new concept to them. It’s a good alternative when you can’t find the right words to describe a new vocabulary. Drawing also reinforces your child’s creative skills.

A Creative Genius Learning Academy is a Texas school ready. We understand that communication and language development are common challenges for your child as they grow. Our language program is focused on helping your children develop their communication skills, including speech drills, articulation activities, vocabulary enhancement, word building, and more. Contact us at 281-437-2273 for more information today.

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