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What Is Self-Regulation and How Do You Teach It?

What Is Self-Regulation and How Do You Teach It?

Our preschool in Texas would like to pose a question: how well does your child handle ups and downs in their emotional state?

As parents, we take it for granted that kids will throw tantrums or go into meltdowns when they feel upset. However, there comes the point when we need to teach our children how to regulate themselves. Such a task is something we as a learning academy and you as primary caretakers should work together.

According to child experts, self-regulation is the key to developing emotional intelligence, which is vital for your child’s success in maturity. Drawing on our experience as a daycare in Missouri City, Texas, A Creative Genius Learning Academy offers the following ways to teach this skill to your kid:

  • Coach them through challenging situations.

    We offer activities that challenge your child to explore their potential at our childcare center. It would help if you did the same to them outside daycare. Accompany them as they approach challenging situations, like doing homework or finding a missing sock.

  • Build on behaviors you want to encourage.

    Going back to our examples, you should praise any good decisions they took in solving challenges. Otherwise, calmly point out what they can do to solve them.

  • Practice!

    Give your child every opportunity to approach situations independently and put their regulation skills to use. Point out actions like pausing to think and keeping their hands to themselves every time they perform them. Framing behaviors this way encourages your child to make a conscious effort to be proactive.

Teaching your child self-regulation not only helps them become Texas school ready. It also helps them balance their approach to difficulties in life. Talk to us to learn more about building positive behaviors in kids.

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