Benefits of Telling Stories to Kids

image of the teacher and the students

Quality childcare in Missouri City, Texas, means providing services that contribute to a child’s overall development. A Creative Genius Learning Academy believes in the power of creativity as an essential aspect of this development.

In this learning academy, opportunities for education happens in every form of activity. Reading
to children is often recommended to support language learning. However, the benefits can go beyond recognizing the alphabet or reading out words. The actual material itself opens the child to a whole different world.

The stories that parents and the childcare center read to children go beyond the pages of the book. Storytelling sparks a child’s imaginative mind. They begin to visualize the story as it is being read. They begin hearing the story and processing what they heard. They ask questions as the story goes on, and they become more engaged as the parent flips through the pages.

As they pick up habits through imitation, reading out loud helps them familiarize themselves with the language. They see changes in your facial expressions, lip movements, and body language. The children began to piece together how sentences are constructed, how an idea is communicated from one person to another. The ability to speak and listen are both important skills needed in their later life.

Storytelling enables learning moments to happen; when the discovery stages happen, and the parent is with the child, there is more meaning attached to the experience. Both of them begin to mark the memory as a shared bond.

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