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Seriously Learning Through Playing

Seriously Learning Through Playing

For children, playing is a serious form of learning. A Preschool in Texas understands that, and thus, strives to incorporate games and fun in each class. Take, for example, pretend play. Pretending that they’re exchanging deals in a grocery store hones their math and problem-solving skills. Playing with other kids like they’re whole new kind of adult car washers, chefs, nurses, and anyone else is already an avenue to improve their physical, social, literacy, and cognitive skills.

Texas School Ready program doesn’t stop children from playing as it’s their way of growing healthily and becoming emotionally intelligent. More hours for playtime instead of screen time, alone, can counteract obesity issues which many children are facing today.

A Learning Academy with a Texas Rising Star includes playing in the curriculum as play and learning go hand-in-hand and are not separate activities. Whether symbolic, sociodramatic, functional, or games with rules, there is no gauge on how play can greatly impact early childhood development.

A Childcare center ought to provide conducive learning areas according to the category of learning its students fall under. Apart from play, other children prefer playing on their own in a tranquil environment while others enjoy and learn best in a setting full of hustle bustles.

As a childcare in Missouri City, Texas, A Creative Genius Learning Academy constantly makes time for play as much as possible. We balance their academic needs with fun and games. Here, we think of the two as a science lecture with a lab. Play is the child’s lab. Enroll your children with us now!

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