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image of the three kids playing

Seriously Learning Through Playing

For children, playing is a serious form of learning. A Preschool in Texas understands that, and thus, strives to incorporate games and fun in each class. Take, for example, pretend play. Pretending that they’re exchanging deals in a grocery store...

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image of the adult lady playing guitar to the kids

The Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument

To obtain the full benefit of music class at a Preschool in Texas, children need to actively engage and participate. That is, to reap the full benefits of music, they need to learn how to play musical instruments. Here are some reasons why kids...

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image of the adult lady and the young girl

How Can You Hone Problem-Solving Skills of Kids?

Every good learning academy recognizes that problem-solving is one of the most vital skills that a child can learn. These help kids address real-world problems and allow them to successfully navigate them. As a preschool in Texas, we recognize that...

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image of the adult lady and the young boy

Psychology-Backed Reasons Why Kids Should Be Allowed to Get Bored

This quarantine season, parents struggle in finding ways for their children to be constantly educated and entertained. The fact is, psychology claims that there are benefits to boredom after all. Especially now at this pandemic, children even...

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image of the students writing

Being Fun and Productive with Afterschool Programs

Does your child spend their afterschool hours alone while you are at work? Enrolling them in an after-school program ensures that they are kept company and that they are being productive while having fun. Our Childcare center offers various...

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image of the teacher and the students

Help Your Kids Find Their Interests!

Your child is still in the process of discovering the world that they live in. They are also still in the process of discovering themselves. Every good childcare center recognizes this process. As a preschool in Texas, we want every child to know...

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